Takeoff Services

Unfortunately, commercial contracting is a numbers game and the key to building any contracting business is estimating. The more projects you estimate, the more projects you win. It is that simple. With this in mind, Building Pipeline has developed 2 options for putting your bids out in front of the general contractors, owners and architects.

Option 1:

Customer supplies the plans/projects.
This price is for 1 trade per takeoff not including electrical, plumbing, concrete or landscaping.50% is due on the 1st of the month, 50% is due on the 15th of the month.

Starter Seat:    $75 per takeoff/markup
Half Seat:        25 takeoffs per month. $1000 per month
Full Seat:        50 takeoffs per month. $1800 per month


Option 2:

Building Pipeline's staff hunts down the projects through a variety of online plan rooms. They do the takeoffs and markups, give you all the known relevant public information such as bidding general contractors, bid dates, estimated start date etc. and then they sell the data. This service is done through an email marketing service that you must subscribe to. Projects will go out twice a week as to not inundate your email with unnecessary clutter. Once you purchase the project for your trade, we will not sell that project again under this service to a competing contractor. That project belongs to your company. Subscribe (I need this to be a link to subscribe the customer to email marketing)

Please note that your projects will never be directly marketed to other competing contractors. With that said however, sometimes we might have issues where there is unintentional cross selling of projects.